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Inspecting Your Roof

A Roof Inspection Can Save You Problems & Money Over time, your roof experiences the same aging problems as the rest of your home. Shingles and flashing expand and contract as the temperatures change. Storms hurl debris onto your roof, falling limbs or hail can wear down the materials on your roof. Here in Northeast […]

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Roof Repair Tips

Finding a leak or damage to your roof can be a stressful problem; and if you don’t have any experience with roofers, you may not know where to start. Many people ask friends or family for a recommendation, while others search online. But no matter where you start, here are a few tips to help […]

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Selling Your Home?

Don’t Forget About Your Roof When Selling Your Home People getting their home ready for sale often spend time and money sprucing the house up, both inside and out. But don’t forget to include your roof in that effort, because a dirty or damaged roof can lower the value of your home. The professional roofers […]

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The Life of Your roof

Every Roof is Different Look around your neighborhood and you will see that not all roofs are the same. Some roofs are flat, while others are sloped. Some roofs are made from tile and some from asphalt shingles. Each style reflects the tastes of the homeowner and the style of home, and a good looking roof […]

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