Avoid Roofing Scams: Panama City Beach Residents Should Be Cautious Following The Storm

Beware of Storm Chasers: Choose A Reputable and Florida Licensed Roofing Company Panama City Beach, FL – As Panama City and the region recovers from Hurricane Michael, out of state roofers and other contractors will start showing up in local communities to offer their repair services. Managing the after effects of a natural disaster is […]

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Preparing Your House For A Hurricane

Hurricane season officially arrived on June 1, and here in Florida homeowners take the threat of a tropical storm or hurricane very seriously. Over the last few years, Northeast Florida has been hit by very severe storms that damaged thousands of homes. Wind, flooding and tornadoes are all very real threats. But there are things […]

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What is a Roof Made Of?

The Anatomy of Your Roof Most homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their roof. Until there is a problem, that is. The trouble is, a problem can exist for a long time before you are aware of it, and that is because your home’s roof is made of more than just shingles. In […]

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